Business Strategy Professional

Level 7


Award in partnership with London Examinations Board, Endorsed by TQUK





Business Strategy is the master plan of how organization is going to win in its environment, whatever that is. One entering into business without a strategy is as good as gambling.

Business Strategy Professional Level 7 (BSP) certification provides you with knowledge about business strategy analysis & planning framework with access to 50 strategic analyses, planning and decision making tools. The workshop provides opportunity to analyse and practice the knowledge, sharpen the skills and to test how your strategic analysis, cognitive planning process and decision-making stand against the competition faced in the environment.

This programme focuses on identifying the strength of an implemented business strategy based on a simulated result. It has been endorsed by the UK Ofqual regulated awarding body, TQUK at level 7, which carries the equivalent of a Master Degree qualification.


  • NEntrepreneurs
  • NBusiness Owners
  • NSenior Level Managers
  • NMiddle Level Managers
  • NExecutives
  • NSupervisors
  • NManagers and Assistant Managers
  • NHigh Potentials


  • $To develop analytical and strategic leadership skills
  • $To develop logical decision making mind-set
  • $To build awareness on the importance of customer's expectations.
  • $To experience an in-depth understanding of the influence of competitors to one's business.
  • $To understand the integrity and synergy between various department in an organization.
  • $To coordinate strategy and tactics across R&D, Marketing, Production, Finance, HR and TQM.
  • $To understand the importance of cross functional alignment and team work in an organization.
  • $To develop a sense of economy for the business and ability to use quantitative information (i.e. Profit and Lost statement, budgets, production etc) for business decision making.


Learners who successfully meet the passing criteria will receive a Certificate of Achievement jointly awarded by London Examinations Board and endorsed by TQUK, a Learner Unit Summary (Lists of completed component by learner) and an additional Certificate of Achievement awarded by Axon Consultancy that indicate the level of achievement as below:


1. Holistic Decision Making

BSP helps to develop the executive level of understanding across multiple departments, multiple areas of responsibilities through experiential and immersive training structure.

2. New Meta-learning Development

As you discover new perspective and considerations, it widens your thinking scope and your ability to think across functions.

3. Structure, Process and System

Through the business strategy analysis, planning and decision-making framework, you will learn to implement the steps for effective analysis and planning, making your business strategy rewarding.

4. Grow Your Career or Business

Whether you are a business owner, leader, executives or university graduate, the learning from this course enhances your professional growth or will directly and positively affect your business growth and strengthen your business position.

5. Comprehensive Business Strategy Analysis, Planning & Decision-making tools

A ‘toolbox’ of worksheets used to analyse the business environment from macro to micro perspective together with templates for planning and decision making allows you to mix and match the tools in your team and for your clients. As a Certified Business Strategist, this toolbox provides you endless possibilities in your consultation and planning activities.

6. Professionally and Academically Accreditated

The BSP is awarded by the London Examination Board and endorsed by TQUK. The course is carefully designed to facilitate your learning to understand and apply the theories and tools. The results of your implementation will be evaluated and debrief which enriches learning through the application of the BSP tools that facilitates knowledge exchange

7. A Truely Applicational Learning Experience

BSP is designed with combination of knowledge and experiences into a experiential training programme. Breaking beyond traditional management training at focuses on knowledge sharing, BSP incorporates the implementation, monitoring and review aspect of a training that brings participants to meet the real world business challanges with responsibility and accountability beyond the boundries one is used to. This training will be sure to develop the participant’s business accumen.

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Certification Assessment Fee

Route 1

Assessed using digital simulation.

Route 2

Assessed using manual simulation such as boardgames.
This option is only available upon special arrangement.

Route 3

Assessed using capstone project.
This option is only available for group of participants from the same organsiation.