The course basically allows me to apply my soft skills onto the problems we’re being exposed to and also think holistically on a 360 degree view rather than approaching a problem in one particular direction and trying to find a solution.

Saikumarkarthikeyan Somalingabalakumar

Deputy General Manager - Supply Chain, Sapura Offshore Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

The course itself gives us tools and idea to run a company for multiple year without risking my real business. During the simulation, it helps us understand how the competitor’s position their product and we plan our own strategy.

Stanly Chin


We can build synergy with different talents, divisions and departments in our corporate life to draw out a comprehensive long term initiative.

Tracy Siew

BSP is not only fun and exciting to learn but it helps us to think out of the box and able to enhance oneself further than expected. It brings benefits to us and leads us to feel how real business world is and how we excel in bringing the company to the next level using business strategies.

Melody P'ng

Senior Sales & Marketing Admin Executive

This course is specifically designed for working professionals and whoever willing to learn more about how to evolve especially in business strategy making.

Dr. Roslan Yusoff

Chief Execution Strategist, Sustainable Industrial Revolution & Innovation Sdn Bhd